Math Program

Our math program is based upon an understanding that many children need a more visual, concrete, step-by-step approach to mathematical concepts. Based upon the requirements of the Ohio State Standards, our program steps children through the required skills in a meaningful, visual way in which they can truly understand and remember. As the children will attest, the little "tricks" we show them make math easy and maybe even fun!

​Reading Program

Our unique reading program provides a different approach to learning to read that has proven to be very effective for children who have not been able to learn in typical ways. A series of phonetically controlled books, developed by the founder of Learning Works!, uses visual cues to develop phonetic awareness. As the children work their way through these books, they develop the word attack strategies and phonetic skills necessary to be confident, fluent readers. Children with dyslexia and learning disabilities make dramatic progress in just a few months, and young, new readers soar!

Is your child having difficulty remembering what he/she has read? Often comprehension is measured through computerized reading programs or worksheets, but techniques of how to comprehend better are not taught. Our unique comprehension program teaches students the metacognitive skills needed to develop the strategies necessary to understand and retain information. Reading is thinking, not reciting words. We teach students how to become active, involved readers and how to become "teachers to themselves" as they read independently.

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Do you have a child with ADD? Brain training is a healthy alternative to medication and studies show that brain training programs are as effective or more effective than medications. There is a direct correlation between attention deficit and weak working memory. Exercises to develop sustained attention and build a stronger working memory give children the tools they need to maintain focus and succeed in school. We have many success stories of students with ADD/ADHD who, after completing our brain training program, are medication free and are effectively functioning in the classroom.


Learning Works! offers a variety of services that are customized for your child. Unlike larger, chain tutoring centers, our programs are not "cookie cutter" and are not based upon scripted lessons.

Rather than having one teacher work with three children all on different levels, we work one-on-one with each student for a full hour. Every session is designed with your child's particular abilities and needs in mind. We use creative, hands-on techniques and just a touch of humor to make learning fun so that students enjoy the experience.

It is our mission to not only improve children's skills but also to develop their self-esteem and confidence. Positive words and a risk-free, nurturing environment dispel any negativity they may have previously developed and associated with learning. Through this process, the students develop self-motivation and goal setting skills. Each session is ended by your child selecting an item from our prize bin as a reward for achievements that day.​

Brain Training Program

Our scientifically created, computerized brain training program provides exercises that develop neural connections to improve cognitive skills such as visual and auditory memory, focused and sustained attention, conceptual reasoning, and visual-spatial relationships. Studies show that these cognitive exercises have significant effect upon children's abilities to learn and, according to published studies, can even raise IQ.

Brain training exercises are especially effective for children with learning disabilities, ADD and ADHD, visual scanning inabilities, slow processing speed, dyslexia and sequencing difficulties, and for children with memory weaknesses. Programs to challenge all children, including the gifted, are also available.

Studies show a direct correlation between working memory and comprehension. Our computerized brain training program develops working memory and, in combination with our comprehension program, has proven results. As one parent of an eighth grader attested after completing our program, "For the first time in his life, he is truly comprehending."